Video Interviews 101: How-to for Candidates

Trying to record a video interview, but having some troubles? Fear not, we have some advice (and videos!).

Here are a few tricks to keep in mind when recording a Video Interview:

  • The quality of your internet connection is key. Try not to use a connection shared by others who may be downloading, streaming, etc, as this will impact the quality of the recording.
  • You will need to download Adobe Flash Player. Make sure you have the most up to date version.
  • In your computer's settings, take a look at your options for "sound". If a "reduce background noise" function exists, turn it on.
  • If you encounter issues, and you're using Internet Explorer, try using a different browser. Firefox and Chrome are both good options.
  • If you continue to have troubles, clear your cache.

Have a look at this video for a demo of what you'll see when beginning a video interview, including some technical recommendations:

Recording a video interview from RecruitLoop on Vimeo.

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