Where To Start Looking For Clients

So you’ve signed up to be an independent recruiter with RecruitLoop and you want to get working on a project. But where do you start looking for clients? We’ve identified some channels which have helped our existing recruiters generate leads and get working:

Business Networking Events

For your purpose, attending business networking events provides an easy way to present the RecruitLoop business (and your services in particular) to a large audience on a regular basis. Our recruiters have consistently found that this is the most effective means of generating leads and referrals.  

A great networking event is  BNI and many RecruitLoop recruiters have generated leads simply by attending a weekly meeting. The real benefit of BNI comes from the fact that in each networking group there is only one person from each profession – so all recruitment enquiries in your group would come directly to you!

Articles and Blogs

If an author of an article or blog provides contact details and mentions a need to hire a new employee, take the initiative and contact them. If you're a writer, offer writing content for them (i.e. a blog post) utilizing your industry knowledge while subtly promoting your recruiting services.  

Reference Checks

Reference checking candidates (when you are on an engagement) provides a unique opportunity to engage in lead generation. When contacting the candidate’s previous employer to conduct the reference check, take the initiative to pitch the candidate’s ex-manager – as there is an implicit need to fill the role just vacated by the candidate. This can be done either informally (e.g. on the phone) or through the reference checking template which can be found here. 

Collateral + Marketing Materials

New, freshly-designed collateral coming soon!

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