Personal Promotion Strategies

Personal promotion strategies across various channels of social media can often be effective to develop new leads and referrals. Below is a brief guide as to how to maximize your lead generation on both Facebook and LinkedIn. 


The example of Kim Acworth provides an easy way to understand how to use  Facebook for personal promotion. Kim is an Australian recruiter with RecruitLoop who has generated several projects through voluntary posts on her profile about RecruitLoop (see images below):  


Including a link on your personal LinkedIn page to RecruitLoop as Bernadette has done below will provide awareness to your professional connections and generate passive leads and referrals.  

For information regarding how to add RecruitLoop to your LinkedIn profile  click here.

Personal Branding

If you don’t think that you’re hitting the mark with your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, perhaps you could take a leaf out of our co-founder & CEO Paul Slezak’s books:  

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