Sample Email For Outbound Sales Campaign

Hi {{first name}},

Traditional recruiting fee's are insane. We can both agree with that.

I am an independent recruiter working with  RecruitLoop, a curated community of professional recruiters who help companies hire faster and smarter. RecruitLoop connects professional recruiters with clients who have hiring needs and the recruiter bills by the hour. We save our clients 80% from traditional fees. 

Our approach enables clients to have as little or as much involvement in the recruitment process as they wish.

Would you have time to jump on a quick call to chat about your hiring needs?


[Recruiter email signature]


What tools are available for mass e-mailing campaigns to prospective clients and candidates?
Outreach is a communication tool that makes outbound touch points faster, and makes sure no ball gets dropped. It makes life easier for recruiters and sales people.

  • Faster prospecting and first contact.
  • Easy to use. Optimized for sales and recruiting.
  • Increase reply rates of prospects.
  • Prospects fall through the cracks no more.

View a 2 minute information video here, and Get Outreach.

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