Photo Guidelines

The photos that appear on the RecruitLoop website need to look professional while at the same time reflecting your personality. 

What are the photos for? 

The large photo will be used as your profile photo on The rectangular version will be your main profile picture, but only a small circle of the photo will be shown in search results. It's important that you crop your photo properly so that you look good in search results!

The square thumbnail photo will be shown to your clients when they're interacting with you on the RecruitLoop Workspace.

What size should the photos be?

We don't have specific numbers, but a tall photo that gives you some height will work best for the large photo. For the thumbnail, a square photo is best but not necessary.

Your photo should...

  • Be professionally taken. At minimum, ensure the photograph is taken with a decent camera (and not just your iPhone).
  • Be a headshot of only you.  Please do not just crop yourself from a family photo or from a photo with a group of friends.
  • Taken against a white background. We will be featuring various recruiters on the site and in various marketing initiatives and we can only do this if photos are taken against a plain light background.
  • Be a colour shot.  No black and white photos, and please ensure there are no shadows in the photos.

Good examples

The background here is bright enough. Photo is semi corporate but reflects a bit of personality too. 

 The background above is also white / bright enough and shows more than just her face. 

This is another good photo – with personality showing and clean white background. 

Bad examples 

Even though the background is white, the photo above is certainly not professional enough. 

The above photo is not only too “seductive” but the background is way too dark. 

While the above shot is certainly more professional, the background is still too dark and has too much going on.  

Please don’t just stand in front of the kitchen bench. Plain white background please. 

No passport photos please!  

The head and neck shot is to close up / intense and doesn't reflect any personality. 

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