Figuring Out Your Hourly Rate

When creating your RecruitLoop Profile, we ask for your hourly rate. 

Why do I need to put an hourly rate?

RecruitLoop's marketplace promotes recruiters who bill by the hour. That means that all clients looking for a recruiter on our site are interested in a recruiter who charges by the hour. Much like an accountant, lawyer, or any other person who provides a professional service.

How do I know what my hourly rate is?

Your hourly rate is whatever you would charge a client for an hour of work, whether that's an hour spent interviewing candidates, sending emails, or talking on the phone. The typical hourly rate for recruiters on the RecruitLoop site ranges from $75 per hour to $180 per hour. Of course, you can charge whatever you'd like, based on your ability, experience, and physical location.

RecruitLoop tells prospective clients that a typical project takes approximately 15 hours. If you typically charge $2000 for a hiring engagement, then your hourly rate might be around $130. 

Take a look at all the recruiters on our site, based on their geography, skill-set, and years of experience to get a better idea of the market rates:

For a more detailed discussion of hourly billing, take a look at  this post

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