How To Get References

References are a key element of your RecruitLoop Profile. It lets the world know that you're publicly endorsed by a real person, adding to your credibility as a recruiter.

Your profile is your public face on RecruitLoop. The goal of References is to build trust and credibility with new potential clients.

What you need to know:

  • You can request external references from people in your network.  When you request a reference, your contact is sent a one-time link to provide a comment.
  • References  will be asked to verify their comment using LinkedIn credentials. The entire process should take them less than one minute.
  • You DO NOT need to have references already on LinkedIn to complete this task. These are brand new, RecruitLoop specific, reference quotes.

Part A: How to request a reference

Step 1: Log in to your Recruiter Profile at

On the left-hand side of the page, click on the option that says "Verified References". This will open the Verified References section of your profile, where you can send a reference request.

Step 2: Send a reference request

Enter in the name and email address of your References. You must also enter a message asking them to write a reference for you. When you're happy with the message, click "Send"

All sent requests will appear below the form with an update on the status of that request.

Tip: If they've written you something in the past, you may want to write that in the message box, and ask them to copy and paste it into this review as well.

Part B: What your Reference will see

Step 3: Your reference will receive an email. It will contain instructions for how to provide the reference, along with the message that you have written.

The email will contain a link that the reference has to click in order to write your reference.

Step 4: When your referee clicks the link, they'll be taken to the page pictured below and asked to write a reference for you. When they are done, they click "Verify with LinkedIn".

Step 5: When your reference clicks "Verify with LinkedIn" they will be asked to verify their comment using their LinkedIn credentials.

After clicking "Verify with LinkedIn", they'll see the below screen asking them to sign in to their LinkedIn account. This will allow LinkedIn and RecruitLoop to share their name, title, and

company. This information will be displayed beside their review on your RecruitLoop profile.

After they have signed into their LinkedIn account, they'll see a confirmation message. They can click from this page to see your RecruitLoop Profile, along with the reference they've written.

Step 6: Congratulations! The verified reference is now visible on your RecruitLoop Profile!


Can I just import my LinkedIn References?
LinkedIn used to allow us to do this with their API, but they have clamped down A LOT about what we can and cannot import for our recruiters. They have restricted ALL users of their API, not just RecruitLoop.

Short answer: no, not anymore (but it’s not our fault!).

How does a client I’ve worked with on RecruitLoop leave me feedback?
All clients will get automated emails after they’ve made payment(s) asking them to give us feedback. Any public feedback that they choose to provide will automatically show up on your profile.

Why should I care about verified references?
They will make your Profile more credible to new clients, by showing the photo, company and title of your references. And shortly, new clients will be able to sort search results to identify Profiles with the most verified references.

Who should I ask for a verified reference?
Basically, anyone who can vouch for how awesome you are in a professional context. Good examples of references would be clients you’ve worked with in the past; a former manager or colleague. Or candidates you’ve successfully placed. Bad examples would be your mother, brother, or someone who doesn’t like you.

What if my reference doesn’t want to verify with LinkedIn?
Unfortunately, we can only verify comments using LinkedIn credentials right now. So, your Referees will need a LinkedIn profile.

What if my reference is concerned about their LinkedIn & privacy?
If they’re concerned about privacy, let them know that we only access 3 pieces of information:

  • their profile picture
  • their current company / title
  • their profile summary.

Also, we will never spam or contact them independently. RecruitLoop does not keep their contact information on file.

What if I already have heaps of references on my LinkedIn profile / website?
If you want to ask someone who has already provided one reference:  Try copying the text of their original reference into your Request email.  They only need to copy and paste that text, then verify that they are the referee.  It should take them less than one minute.

I received a notification of a new reference submitted by one of my contacts.  However, it's not showing up on my RecruitLoop profile?

Verified references list updates every 24 hours, it doesn't show up right away.  If you still don't see it after 24 hours, please let us know through

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