The Loop - Verified Recruiter Community

Verified Recruiters are invited to join the Loop, a special online community platform.

When you become a Verified Recruiter, you will receive an invitation to sign up and create your Loop account. 

Here are the answers to some questions we expect you to have:

  • What is the Loop?
    • an exclusive online community for verified recruiters, located at
    • you create an account and get access to activities, resources, and community forums
  • What's in it for me?
    • earn points for completing activities
    • participate in an exclusive community forum - have conversations with fellow recruiters to share strategies about how to grow your business (and maybe make some new friends!)
  • Do I have to join the Loop?
    • No, absolutely not. 
  • If I don't join, does that have a negative impact on my standing with RecruitLoop?
    • No, it does not. 
  • Well then why did you create the Loop?
    • We created the Loop because we wanted to offer additional value to our Verified Recruiters. We also wanted a simpler, scalable way to offer resources and education to those recruiters who want them. We want to reward our most engaged recruiters, which is why we offer points & recognition for bringing your own clients to RecruitLoop.
  • Do I have to log in regularly to do challenges?
    • Not at all. You can login and pariticipate in the Loop as often or as rarely as you want to.
  • Can I just participate in the forums?
    • Yes, you can. However, you still need to create an account to do that.
  • Is this a competition?
    • A friendly competition, yes! The Loop has a leaderboard, points, badges, and levels. These are not related to the level on your RecruitLoop recruiter profile. The Loop is all about fun and education.
  • How do I join? 
    • Click the button in your invitation email, or contact us at and ask for another invitation (you must be a Verified Recruiter)

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