Applying to be a Verified Recruiter

Becoming a Verified Recruiter in the RecruitLoop Marketplace is a great way to build your business. As a recruiter with a profile on, you already have access to our project management tools. 

So what are the added benefits of becoming a Verified Recruiter? 

  • Access to marketing support when promoting your business
  • Introductions to new client leads in your areas & locations of specialty
  • Access to an exclusive community of fellow recruiters - including networking & advice sharing sessions
  • For experienced Verified Recruiters, access to RecruitLoop's enterprise clients

Interested in joining the ranks of RecruitLoop's Verified Recruiters? Follow the directions below to apply! (Note: you must have at least 1 Verified Reference in order to apply)

Step 1: Log in to your Recruiter Profile at

On the left-hand side of the page, click on the option that says "Join the Marketplace". This will open the small form to fill out to request to be Verified.

Step 2: Fill out the brief form

You’ll be prompted to fill out this form to ensure that you’ve completed all the required steps to proceed.

What is your current employment status?

We allow all recruiters to join the platform. You can be employed at a different agency, you’ll just need to confirm that they’ve given you permission to join our platform

Client References

You will need at least four references from previous clients in order to proceed. Our clients, and community, want to make sure that you are as good as you say you are. The more references, the better your profile, the better your chances at closing business is.

Step 3: Click “Apply Now” and next steps

Clicking "Apply now" will give you a confirmation message letting you know that our community managers have received your query to be verified.

The community managers will go through your entire profile and make sure it is up to our standards. You may receive a message from our team requesting some changes. Please make the changes so we can proceed with the process.

When your profile is approved, you will get an email letting you know. The next, and final step, is to complete the RecruitLoop Verification course. It's a 1 hour online course that will help you become an expert in all things RecruitLoop!

Once you’ve attended, we will get you Verified and match you with a mentor! You'll also be invited to an information sessions that takes place for new recruiters every 2 weeks. 

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