Creating Your RecruitLoop Profile

Welcome to RecruitLoop! We're really excited that you want to join our family of recruiters by creating your RecruitLoop Recruiter Profile.

Let's walk through the steps on how to create your Recruiter Profile:

Step 1: Accessing the Recruitloop Website.

Go to the Recruitloop website and click on Recruiters: Sign Up section

Click on the “Join Now” button

Step 2: Click on Create new profile

Step 3: Put in your email address and preferred password and click continue

Step 4: Add your Name, Location and Contact number and then click Save

Click on the drop down button under your name and select My Profile

Step 6: Complete your Recruitloop Account and Profile

This will make your profile publicly visible and searchable via the Recruitloop marketplace.

Step 7: Fill in the required fields with relevant information

Enter your personal information into corresponding fields and sections. (ie. First and Last Name)

Business Details

Provide some basic information about your business.

Initially, only city/state/country field is required. In future, if you decide to apply to be a Verified Recruiter, we will ask you to complete this section in full.

Contact Details

Enter your mobile number and your Skype username

Step 8: Fill out all the information requested in your Recruitloop Profile

About You

Name – keep it shorter whenever possible.

Profile URL – your unique profile address based on profile name.

Short profile – short statement that will appear next to your photo, make it memorable.

Hourly rate – indicates your preferred currency and rate. Read this article or see our directory of recruiters for examples what others charge.

Average project cost – a rough indication of how much you charge per project on average. Doesn't have to be very precise. It will auto adjust itself once you start running RecruitLoop projects.

Servicing city – your business physical location.

Remote recruiter – use if hiring in places other than your city.

Social and cultural

Provide at least your LinkedIn profile and your primary language.

Profile photo

Full portrait – will appear on your profile page.

Thumbnail – is a smaller square version used when interacting with clients.

You can use this article to review our photo guidelines.

Specialty areas

Pick areas of your expertise, you will be prompted to enter a short statement for each and enter some of your typical roles and clients. Here's a more details guide about that.


You have the option to add your qualifications or leave that section blank by checking the box. More details on how to update this page can be reviewed here.


Put in your work history/experience. You would need to provide at least 2 years work history, otherwise the section will not save and you cannot move to the next field

Verified References

You would need to have at least 1 verified reference on your profile for it to be live. You can send a request to your reference via email using the Recruitloop platform.

Congratulations your profile is complete!

Optional Next Step: Becoming Verified

Now that your profile is complete and live & searchable on the public RecruitLoop website, you can apply to be a Verified Recruiter. The perks of being verified are that you receive new client leads and access to an exclusive part of the RecruitLoop community.

You’ll need at least 1 reference in order to apply, and your profile will need to be approved by the RecruitLoop team.  Learn more about being verified here.

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