Client Leads Process

As a Verified Recruiter, you have the ability to get fresh client leads sent straight to your inbox. The obvious goal is for you to win the business, but how exactly does that happen?

A visual representation of how the process works from a high level:

The RecruitLoop Process(click to open larger image) 

  1. Clients post job briefs on our website. Some of these clients have been in contact with our Sales team. Others simply came to the website and posted a role, and might not know much about RecruitLoop's process. 
  2. Those job briefs are sent out to a few recruiters (usually between 4-5) who fit the bill (geography, specialties, experience, client type, etc.)
  3. Recruiters get an email + text message with the job brief details. 
  4. Recruiters have the choice to send an introductory message to the client, or decline the job.
  5. After sending an Introductory message, the ball is in the client's court. They can respond to you, request a phone call, request a formal proposal, or award you the project. 
  6. The RecruitLoop team follows up with these clients to make sure they're reading the messages and to help them make a decision. 
  7. The Recruiter can follow up by sending the client additional messages. 
  8. If the client requests a formal proposal, you'll send them a long form proposal, which they can accept. 
  9. Client accepts the recruiter they want, and the recruiter gets email notification that they won (or lost).
  10. You know this next part: Be a professional recruiter! Stay in constant contact with the client and make sure you find them the best candidates.
  11. Log your hours within the system, and request payments from the client on the agreed upon frequency you had on the initial discovery call.
  12. Get them candidates to hire, follow up with the client on any other open roles you can help with. Rinse and repeat!


Q: How much do new leads know about RecruitLoop? 
A: It depends on how they came to us. Leads that are brought to RecruitLoop by our Sales Team are very familiar with how we work. Leads that simply come to our website on their own are not. As the recruiter, if you get a phone call with the client, you may well end up pitching RecruitLoop's product & services to the client. 

Q: How many recruiters are bidding on each job?
A: Normally between 4-5.

Q: Can clients contact me directly from my profile?
A: Yes. Although the request comes through the RecruitLoop marketplace, and is then sent over specifically to the recruiter. If there is no response from the recruiter in 24 hours, it is then broadcasted out to a new batch of recruiters to try and win the business.

Q: How can I be chosen to be sent more client briefs?
A: Fill out your profile frequently. Add more job titles and clients you've worked with. Include where you geographically recruit from. The RecruitLoop algorithm relies on your public profile data.

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