Getting Paid

Everyone loves payday! The below article outlines how we make payments to:

  • Recruiters in the United States
  • Recruiters in Australia
  • Recruiters everywhere else in the world!


  1. When a client makes a payment, we then pay the recruiters. You don't get paid unless the client has paid!
  2. Once a client has paid, you will get an automatic email prompting you to confirm the invoice to make sure it's correct. You won't get paid until you click "Confirm this invoice"
  3. To view the invoice, click the invoice number to view its details. If the invoice is incorrect, click "Ask Question" or email
  4. RecruitLoop makes ONE weekly batch of payments on Friday's (Pacific Daylight Time).

US Recruiters

As of December 2018 RecruitLoop uses a third-party vendor, Tipalti, to send payment to our network of recruiters in the United States. 

Tipalti is a vendor/supplier payments tool that allows us to send ACH payments to recruiters in the USA. There is no fee charged to you when you receive a payment from RecruitLoop. 

Payments are sent weekly on Wednesday evening and arrive on Friday during the day. Each we send payment for any US invoice that has been paid by your client and "confirm" by you by 5pm PST on Wednesday. Your invoice must be confirmed before 5pm PST on Wednesday, otherwise you payment will be sent the following week.

What do I need to do to get paid?

  1. No action necessary until your first client makes a payment!
  2. When a client pays your invoice, RecruitLoop will invite you to create your Tipalti account. 
  3. You will get an email from Tipalti asking you to create an account so we can transfer that money to your bank account. 
  4. Follow along with the Tipalti profile creation process. You will need to input the information and details of the bank account that payment will go to. If you need help, please email immediately.

Australian Recruiters

Since Australia is ahead of the times and makes transferring money incredibly simple, the only thing the RecruitLoop team needs is your bank account number. 

We will reach out to everyone individually and ask for this, but in case we missed each other, please send your bank account number to:

Non-US/Australian Recruiters (aka everywhere else in the world!)

Payments to our global (everyone except US & Australia) recruiters will be initiated through PayPal since it has the largest international market to send money. 

During your verification process we will reach out to you and gather your PayPal email address. In case we have missed you, please send your PayPal email address to and we will send client payments to your PayPal account.

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