Getting Paid

Everyone loves payday! The below article outlines how we make payments to:

  • Recruiters in the United States
  • Recruiters in Australia
  • Recruiters everywhere else in the world!


  1. When a client makes a payment, we then pay the recruiters. You don't get paid unless the client has paid!
  2. Once a client has paid, you will get an automatic email prompting you to confirm the invoice to make sure it's correct. You won't get paid until you click "Confirm this invoice"
  3. To view the invoice, click the invoice number to view its details. If the invoice is incorrect, click "Ask Question" or email
  4. RecruitLoop makes ONE weekly batch of payments on Friday's (Pacific Daylight Time).

US Recruiters

RecruitLoop uses a third-party vendor,   Dwolla, to provide you with a new electronic payment option to move money you receive from RecruitLoop directly to your bank account.  

Dwolla is a cash-based payment network that provides real-time, low cost, online and mobile payments. Instead of charging a percentage-based fee for goods and services that you purchase, they charge a flat $0.25 fee on any transaction over $10. Don’t worry – RecruitLoop covers this fee. Meaning it’s free for you!  

Why use Dwolla?

If you do not have a Dwolla account, it's important that you create one in advance of receiving your first payout from RecruitLoop so that you receive your money quickly.

What do I need to do to get paid?

  1. No action necessary until your first client makes a payment!
  2. When a client makes a payment, the RecruitLoop team will initiate a payment to your RecruitLoop email address (i.e. Be sure to check this email often. Hint: set it up on your favorite email client
  3. You will get an email from Dwolla asking you to create an account so you can transfer that money to your bank account.
  4. Follow along with the Dwolla profile creation process
    1. If you need help, visit for steps on how to do so

More detail on linking up your bank account with Dwolla:

  1. Log in to your Dwolla account and clicking the “Funding Sources” tab on the left side 
  2. Click “Add Account” and enter in your Routing Number, Account Number and Account type for your bank. 
  3. Dwolla will make two small deposits into your bank account (allow 1-3 business days).
  4. An email confirmation from Dwolla will be sent stating that your bank account was successfully added.
  5. Check your bank account over the next 1-3 business days to confirm the two amounts. 
  6. Log back into your Dwolla Account and enter the amounts of the two deposits you received. This will complete your bank setup.
What next?         
  • After your bank is linked to Dwolla, go to “Enable/Disable Features” and enable “Auto-Withdrawal," then click “Update Features”. 
  • This will allow the payouts you receive from RecruitLoop to automatically move into your bank account, which means you'll get your money faster. 

What if I have questions?

For Dwolla Support: For RecruitLoop Payment Support: 
  • Contact our team directly at

Australian Recruiters

Since Australia is ahead of the times and makes transferring money incredibly simple, the only thing the RecruitLoop team needs is your bank account number. 

We will reach out to everyone individually and ask for this, but in case we missed each other, please send your bank account number to:

Non-US/Australian Recruiters (aka everywhere else in the world!)

Payments to our global (everyone except US & Australia) recruiters will be initiated through PayPal since it has the largest international market to send money. 

During your verification process we will reach out to you and gather your PayPal email address. In case we have missed you, please send your PayPal email address to and we will send client payments to your PayPal account.

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