Sample Recruiter Proposal

Sending a proposal is vital in order for a project to officially begin with a client. The purpose of the proposal is to outline the expectations for the project at hand, and to reference back to throughout the project as the "source of truth." It is also a way to help sell to the client that you are the right recruiter for the job.

Below are the questions asked, along with an explanation of how successful recruiters have answered the questions before. 


This gives the client a cookie cutter and unauthentic experience and makes the platform seem unprofessional.

What role, scope, or support has the client requested? 

A typical response here is a reiteration of what the client is requesting. It's where you should confirm that you know exactly what the client is looking for. It shouldn't be more than 3-4 sentences. 

Example: You are looking for a Junior Software Developer who is eager to learn on the job. They should have at least 1 or 2 years of real life work experience and should be located in the Bay Area.

What previous projects, experience or clients make you the best recruiter for THIS specific engagement? 

This is where you sell yourself as a recruiter. Think of it as a small biography of your work experience, specifically geared towards the client + project at hand. It shouldn't be more than 3-4 sentences.

Example: I've been recruiting in the tech space for 10 years, and have recently placed two Senior Software Engineers at Google in their Bay Area location. I have a shortlist of candidates already in mind who I will reach out to first as I think they'd be a great fit for your company + culture.

How would you structure the engagement? For example - Phase 1: Activities and/or expected outcome; Phase 2: Activities and/or expected outcome

This is where you get into the details of exactly how you'd break down the process of finding the right candidate(s) from A-Z. It's where you and the client can reference back to throughout the project to get an idea of where everyone is at in the process. Use this as a basis for how you're going to complete the job.


Phase 1: Sourcing

1. I will be reaching out to my immediate connections who I've vetted and qualified to see if they are interested.
2. I will post a job ad on three job boards (Monster, Indeed, and Seek) in tandem with;
3. Sourcing passive candidates on the following social outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Phase 2: Screening

1. I will vet all candidates by gathering their resumes and moving them on if they meet the reqs. on paper
2. I will then setup introduction calls and ask them qualifying questions discussed with you
3. etc...

Can you provide an estimate of time or cost? It may help to break this down by activity or milestone.

This is where you provide the client an estimate of the cost and timeline it will take to complete the project. If it is Hourly, it's best to give a range based on your expert opinion. If it is a Fixed Fee, this is where you will put the agreed fixed cost and expected delivery time. If it's purely a sourcing project this is where you'll define the definition of success, and how long it will take and at what cost (hourly or fixed fee). This should be very clear and concise and be 2-3 sentences.

Example: Based on the market I anticipate this search to range from 25-35 hours, at my hourly rate of $100 the expected cost should be between $2500-$3500. We will check in at the 10 hour mark to make sure we're on target with this estimate.

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