RecruitLoop's Slack Community

Slack is an online instant messaging platform, where users can chat in various "channels", or message each other directly.

RecruitLoop invites all Verified Recruiters to join our Slack community so that you can have an additional line of connection to the RecruitLoop team and our various goings-on. 

Why join Slack? There are many great reasons, but here's a shortlist of the best:

  • You'll be able to meet and chat with fellow RecruitLoop Verified Recruiters
  • Experienced Loopers are actively encouraged to answer questions for new Loopers
  • Never miss out on RecruitLoop content/updates: we'll regularly post stats on recruiter success, share client feedback, update you on product changes, and much more!

Tips for Slack-ing with the best of 'em:

  • Introduce yourself in the #loopers-chat channel to get the conversation started. 
  • Upload a profile picture! There will be many people in our Slack community, so a profile picture will help us get to know each other
  • Use your real name! With so many Verified Recruiters, it will be easiest to get to know each other if we use our real names when setting our Slack accounts. 

Want to join but can't find your invitation? Email us at to request a new invitation. 

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