Adding Time + Cost

Logging time and expenses is one of the most important aspects of your hiring project with a client. At RecruitLoop, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent recruiting experience, and logging your time & cost is the key to delivering that promise.

Step 1:

Log in to the platform, and make sure that you've selected the correct project and click on the ‘Activities’ field

On the right side of the page, you will see an ‘Add Activity’ button.

activities.jpgWhen you click on the activity button, a window will appear asking you to choose from the following:

$ Fixed amount: Flat fee arrangements, prepayments, or any single absolute amount

Time: Track your hours charging at your hourly rate

Expenses: Any out of pocket costs


Step 2:

Fixed Amounts: When you and your client agree on a flat fee for the project. Just click on ‘Add activity’ and select ‘Fixed Amount’.

Enter the amount you agreed upon and what it is for (i.e. partial payment/full payment)


As soon as you click on okay, the amount should appear on the Activity page. It will show under Unrequested since you have not invoiced the client yet.


Step 3:

Adding Time: If you wish to bill your client on an hourly basis, you can do that as well. Just click on ‘Add activity’ again but this time choose ‘Time’.

This shows your default hourly rate, the date, and a section where you can input the hours you worked on the project.


You can specify/breakdown the hours depending on the activity that you have done.

2 hours for Creating and placing an Ad
4 hours for screening through resumes

You can also create/add your own category. This is where you would add in any Administrative time that you’d like to log. i.e. 10 minutes: Transcribing notes from a candidate call into the system


After clicking on “ OK” this will be added to the Activity Page

Step 4:

Adding an Expense: If any costs have been incurred during the project, you can also add them to the project. Click “ Add Activity” and then “Expense.”

Enter the name of the expense and describe what the expense was for. i.e. LinkedIn Ad - Posted a LinkedIn ad that ran for 2 weeks.

There is an option to select if RecruitLoop has covered the expense, or if it has come out of your own pocket that you are then passing along to the client.


Click ‘ ok’ and you will then see them appear on the activity page. If at anytime you want to revise or remove them, you can do that here.invoice12.jpg

At some point in time you will want to bundle all of these line items into one invoice and pass it onto the client.  You can learn exactly how to do that here.

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