Creating candidate profiles

Now that the client has accepted your proposal, it’s time to start working on the project by sourcing for candidates and adding them to the project.

Adding a candidate to a project

Step 1

On the Projects page, select which project you wish to add candidates to.

Make sure you've selected the correct project. You do not want to add candidates into the wrong project.


Step 2

Click on the ‘ Candidates’ tab on the left, and then the green “Add new” button on the right side


Step 3

Fill in all the necessary information relating to the candidate you are looking to upload. * - denotes a required field.


You can also upload resumes and other documents for each candidate that can be viewed by the client(s).


When you’ve entered the information, click the “ Save” button to officially enter the candidate into the system.

Step 4

Click on the name of the candidate.

A window will open which will allow you to put in notes for each candidate. Notes can be:

  • Private: visible only to you, or;
  • Shared: visible to you and the client(s)


Make sure you click the small blue “Save” button when you’re done entering comments for each section.

Creating a Video Interview

When you’re on a Candidate’s profile you have the ability to invite them to do a Video Interview.

Step 1

Go to the ‘ Interviews’ tab and then click on “Invite to video interview


Step 2

Another window will open asking you to create the video interview. You can choose to

  • Add A Questionnaire or;
  • Choose from an existing questionnaires on your list

Adding a new questionaire will require you to enter in questions and their time limits from scratch.

If you have a saved questionnaire you’d like to use, just click on the one you want and it will automatically populate.


Step 3

After you complete your Questionnaire, click on the next button at the lower right side of the page.


Step 4

You can either create new email invitation or choose from the existing ones you have. The invitation is what the client will receive via email, along with a unique URL to click on to take the video interview.


Creating a new message you will have to enter in the name of the template and the content you want in the email.

If you want to use an existing template, just click on it and it will automatically populate the information.

After completing your email, click “ Next


Step 5

You will have the option to view everything before sending it out to the candidate. If everything is okay click on “ Send invite

If you need to revise anything, just click the ‘Back’ button.


You will see on the candidate’s profile that the Video Interview was sent to the candidate.


If you click on the drop down button below the “Invited” section, you have the option to Remind the candidate about the video interview or Cancel the Interview. Canceling the interview make the unique URL that was sent to the candidate obsolete.


You can communicate to the candidate within the platform as well.

Step 6

Select the candidate you wish to send an email to and click on the ‘ Emails’ tab, then click ‘Send email


Step 7

Type in your message to the candidate and hit " Send"


Tagging Candidates

Tagging your candidates is easy as a click of a button. Tagging your candidates allows you keep track of their progress/status. These are viewable to the client as well.

Step 1

Click on the name of the candidate and click on the “ Tag” drop down button and choose which category to tag your candidate.


Step 2

You can also create your own tags by choosing ‘ Manage tags’ at the bottom.

Clicking the Remove tag will clear the candidate from being tagged with anything. Think of it as starting from scratch.


Sharing Candidates with Clients

Once you have prescreened your candidates you now have an idea who to share with your clients.

Step 1

Go to the ‘ Shared List’ section of the page  and clicking on “Add a candidate to your Shared List”.


You will be brought back to your candidate list and on the right side you will see a drop down button for each candidate.

Step 2:

Click under the Shared List section and then click on ‘ Add to shared list’ to add the candidate you’ve selected.


Shared candidates are shown on the “Shared” section which can be found on the left side of the page.


Now that candidates are on the shared list, you can send them to clients.

Step 3:

Go to the "Shared List" section found on the left hand menu.


Click on the green “ Share with client” button found in the top right corner of the page.

Step 4:

Insert a message to your client about reviewing the shortlist.

You can then add as many or as little clients you want to share this with. Simply enter in the client's name and email address.

Click on the ‘ Share’ button at the lower right side


After you click on the share button, another window will appear.


And this is what your clients will see when you share the short list.


You can keep adding candidates to your project and shortlist until you see fit. Make sure that every time you add candidates, you send an email to the client to remind them. The Shared List URL will stay the same, and it is shareable to anyone who has the link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are candidates automatically loaded from job posting campaigns?
A: Yes. Candidates who apply directly to the job posting campaign for that given project will be automatically entered into the project. Any documents or questions asked of them will be entered in their Candidate Profiles.

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