Creating Job Posting Campaigns

Job Posting Campaigns are a beautiful marketing feature that make it easier for you, the recruiter, to get candidates into a RecruitLoop project. By setting up a Job Posting Campaign, you can promote a single job on a single page and share it anywhere online.

When candidates apply through the form on this page, their information + documents will automatically be entered into the relevant hiring project as Applied Candidates.    

How to Create a Job Posting (Campaign)

Step 1:

Confirm you are in the relevant project.

The project name is located at the top of the page in the black bar. To toggle to a different project, click on the drop down beside " View all Projects" and select the project you're creating the page for.     

campaign1.jpg** Make sure that you have selected the correct project. The Job Posting Campaign is linked specifically to this project. You want to be sure that the candidates coming through end up in the right project.

Step 2:

Click on “ Campaign

Fill in all relevant information to advertise the role. * - denotes a required field.


** Be sure to include information for how the candidates can contact you. That way, if candidates have technical difficulties or additional questions, they can still reach you.

If you’d like to include any HTML, i.e. a video highlighting the company culture, you can do so by copying and pasting the code in “HTML Code” section.


You can also create questions that you want the the candidate to answer when applying.

You can do this by clicking “ Add Question” button and then filling in any question you’d like. These will be required for candidates to answer in order to fully apply for the job.


Step 3:

Click on save to store the information you entered. You can come back to this later if you want to revise + edit the Job Posting Campaign before sending it live.


Hitting ‘ Preview’ will open up a new window and will show you exactly what the candidates will see. We recommend doing this often to make sure you get the content and images exactly the way you want.


Step 4:

As soon as everything is completed to your satisfaction, click on the ‘Make Live’ button.


You will then be ask to confirm if you wish to make the campaign live.

Step 5:

Click on “ Yes, make live


Now that your Job Posting Campaign page is live, you can share this in social networking sites.

You can find the unique URL in the top right corner of the main Job Posting Campaign dashboard


You have the option to share it in Linkedin, Facebook Twitter Google+ and email it to potential candidates as well.


You can edit the content at any point in time however you’d see fit. Just click on “ Save” every time you make a change and the page will reflect the new changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I advertise a job?
A: Creating this Job Posting Campaign is the first step. Once it is complete all you need to do is share the unique URL on any of your social media outlets, email campaigns, job boards, or anywhere that someone can click that link and apply!

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