Creating a Video Interview

Video interviews exist as something that you can send to a given candidate.  That is, you cannot just create a Video Interview and share it generically. The video interview is specific to the project.

You will need to have created at least one candidate profile within the project in order to send a Video Interview. You can learn how to create candidate profiles here.

There are 2 ways to create a video interview.  Here’s how it works:

Creating a video interview through the ‘Video Interviews’ page

Step 1: Access your Video Interview page

Within your active project, click " Video Interviews" on the left hand side of the page. You will see a separate panel for the ‘invited’ and ‘not yet invited’ ones.


Step 2:  Selecting the candidates to be invited

You may send the video interview invitation individually or to several candidates at once.  If you wish to do the latter, you will have to tick the ‘Select All’ checkbox found below ‘Not invited’ and click on ‘ Invite Selected’.  


Step 3:  Creating a questionnaire

Now that you've begun creating the Video Interview for your candidate(s), you need to decide which questions to ask.  By default, you may copy the questionnaires you’ve used for your other projects or you can start anew.  To copy a questionnaire, click on the previous project’s name and hit on ‘ Next’.  

If you’d like to create a new questionnaire, edit the Name of the default questionnaire and the questions before clicking on ‘ Add Questionnaire’.

No need to add numbers in front of the questions as they are auto-numbered.  

Set maximum duration of answers at the end of each question (eg, 3 min).  If you don’t set a maximum duration, a default value of 2 minutes will be applied.


Step 4:  Send the invitation email

When sending the invitation email to your candidate, you have to send an email through the RecruitLoop Platform. A unique URL will be shown on your screen that you can copy if you wish to send your candidate a follow up email from your email client.

Or, to send the automatic email, choose from the previous email template you’ve used or edit the fields and click on ‘ Add message’.  You will see a preview of the email invitation together with the questionnaire.  

In case you’d like to make changes on anything, you can always make use of the ‘ Back’ button. 


Once all is set, simply click " Send Invite".   


Step 5: View video interview status

After you've sent a Video Interview invitation to your candidate, you'll see their Video Interview status marked as " Invited". The date when the invitation was sent out will also be visible just below the status.  Checkout the legend for each status colour.

  • Cancelled interview (falls under failed)
  • Partially completed interview (falls under interviewed)
  • Completed interview (falls under interviewed)
  • Invited but has not started the interview yet (falls under invited)

If you click on " Details" you'll see a page similar to the image below.


After the Candidate completes the Video Interview, you'll be able to access it under the ‘ Interviewed’ section of the ‘Video Interviews’ page.

For interviews falling under invited, there’s an ‘Action’ drop down where you can send a reminder to the candidate or cancel the interview.  The reminder will be sent as an email to your candidate.


Creating a video interview from a Candidates profile

You've probably noticed that you don't have to go to the ‘Video Interviews’ page in order to invite candidates for a video interview. So, what happens if you create a Video Interview using this workflow? Let's take a look…

Step 1:  Access the Candidates page

You’ll see this on the left hand side of the page.  Click on ‘ Add New’ and fill in as much information on all the given fields and hit on ‘Save’.


Step 2:  Creation of Candidate Profiles

Click on the newly added candidate and click on ‘ Invite to video interviews’ under the Interviews tab.

From there, follow the same steps described above to send out your Video Interview.


The only limitation with this process is that you won’t be able to mass invite candidates. You will only be able to individually invite this candidate to Video Interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I send the video interview invitation to multiple candidates at once?
A: Absolutely! If you wish to do that, you will have to tick the ‘Select All’ checkbox found below ‘Not invited’ and click on ‘Invite Selected’ from the Video Interviews page.  

Q: I’m in the process of creating a new questionnaire but changed my mind and clicked on a pre-saved questionnaire instead.  Can I still retrieve the questions I’ve initially created?
A: Yes! There’s an ‘Undo’ button that can be found next to ‘Questions’.


Q: Can I delete a questionnaire?
A: In the effort to make sure that you don’t lose any vital information throughout the process, deleting a questionnaire isn’t possible.  However, you can always edit a questionnaire to however you want it to look like.

Q: Is there a limitation on the minutes set for each question?
A: We have not set a limit to the minutes you can set for questions. Ideally, minutes should be set depending on the complexity of your question or on how much information you’d like to squeeze out of the candidate.  


Q: Can I re-send the video interview invitation to my candidate for the same project?
A: Of course!  As long as they have not completed the video interview yet, you can always re-invite them to do the video interview for a specific role.  

Q: Can I delete a video interview invitation sent to my candidates?
A: Unfortunately you can’t.  You can only cancel an interview.  In the event you do this, you can always re-invite the candidate in the future.

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