Sending Proposals & Creating New Projects

When you're inviting one of your own clients to the platform, it all starts with sending a proposal. For client leads sent to you via RecruitLoop, you also may be invited to send through a formal proposal, after going through the "Client Introductions" phase. This article is all about sending a proposal.

If you've just received a client lead from RecruitLoop, you'll want to have a look at the Client Introduction Workflow. 

Step 1:

Login to your account. Click on ' Proposals' in the top menu. Click on the green button 'Create New'.


Step 2:

You'll then be prompted to input client details. All clients must be associated with a company. All previous companies you've worked with should autopopulate. If the company you will be working with is not listed, Click on the 'C reate new client and company' button.


Type in the email address of the client on the search box and then click on ' Find client'


If the client’s email address is not found in our system, you will then have the option to add them to our database. Fill out all the information needed and then click on 'C reate client'.


If the email address is found for a current client, their contact details should appear.

You will then be asked for the company name the client belongs to. Type it on the search box and then click on search.


If the Company name is not found on the system, you can create a new company. Fill out all the information requested and click on 'Create Company'


A window will then appear showing the client details. If you need to revise any of the information, click on the blue link " Change client". 

If everything looks good, you can now create your proposal by clicking on ' Start proposal'.


Step 3

Answer the questions to complete a proposal. If you need assistance in answering these questions, review this helpful support article.

  1. What role, scope or support has the client requested?
  2. What previous projects, experience or clients make you the best recruiter for THIS specific engagement?
  3. How would you structure the engagement? For example - Phase 1: Activities and/or expected outcome; Phase 2: Activities and/or expected outcome
  4. Can you provide an estimate of time or cost? It may help to break this down by activity or milestone.


Once all the sections are filled out click on the ' Proceed' button. 


You will see the draft of your proposal. If you need to revise the proposal, click on the " Your proposal" button on the left menu to go back.

If everything looks good click on ‘ Send’ when you’re ready.


You will be asked to confirm before sending to the client. If everything is good, click ' Yes, send'

Once the proposal has been sent, the client will recieve an email with your proposal and a unique URL that they will need to click to fully view the proposal. 

You can also send a message to the client via the platform. This is great for sending an introduction email to the client requesting to setup a time to chat further to discuss the proposal + the opportunity to work together.


You can view all the messages you send to the client on the platform here as well.


Step 4:

When the proposal is sent out to the client, they will receive an email notification with the link to view the proposal.


Clients do not need to login to the platform to access your proposal. They just click on the link provided and it will bring them to the proposal page. This URL can be shared with their colleagues to review as well if need be.


The client can also send you messages on the platform to ask additional information or schedule a call/chat. proposal7.jpg

As soon as the client clicks on “ Award Project” they should be directed to this page where they will be asked to complete their account information.

Once completed they will need to click on ' Award project' at the bottom of the page to confirm.


They will land on a page confirming that the project is live!


Step 5

Once the client accepts the project, you (the recruiter!) will get a notification on the platform to confirm.


When you click on the Accept button, a screen will appear asking you what Employment Type +  Industry this project belongs to. Note: give the project a unique name, something that would represent the job at hand. Something that a candidate would view is how you should think about it.


You can also view your proposal by clicking on the “ View full proposal” button at the bottom.


Proposal details:


As soon as you click on “ Accept” you will be able to see the project on your “Active Projects” list on the platform. You can now start working on this project!


Step 5

Completing the project details


In order to start fully working on the project that the client just accepted, you’ll need to fill in a bit more information about the project + client.

  • Project Title: This is an internal project that you and the client will view. Name it something specific so you and the client will recognize in the case that you are running multiple projects. i.e. Google - Software Engineer - Seattle
  • Employment type*: Full Time or Part Time
  • Industry*: HR/Sales/Customer Support/Marketing/Technology/Operations/Admin/Accounting/Healthcare (pick the one that matches closest)
  • Location*: Physical location of the role
  • Salary: Salary range for the position
  • Company name: Name of the company you’re working with
  • Client’s full name: Name of the main contact you’re working with
  • Email: Email address of the main contact you’re working with
  • Contact number: Phone Number of the main contact you’re working with
  • Description: Optional notes private to you about the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to send a proposal for every client lead sent to me?
A: You do not need to send a proposal to every client lead sent to you. You can choose which projects you would like to work on. If you don’t want to work on a project, please click “Deny” the project so we can make sure the client can get more proposals.

Q: What does a client see when I send a proposal? What happens next?
A: Step 3 above shows what the client would see once you send a proposal. They get a shareable URL via email to review and accept or deny your proposal. They can also message you within the proposal page. Once they click Accept on your proposal you will get notified.

Q: How does a client find my proposal?
A: They get sent an email immediately when you click “Send” on the proposal. There is a URL for them to click (and share with colleagues if they want to). If a client is not receiving the email, be sure to double check you have the right email address in the client details, and that they check their Spam/Trash folder in their email.

Q: Can I work on more than one project at a time with RecruitLoop?
A: Yes, you can work on more than one project at a time as long as you can devote enough time and energy to each client.

Q: How do candidates get into the project?
A: Two ways:

  1. Manually create candidates: enter their name, contact details, documents, etc. by clicking on the “Candidates” tab.
  2. Create a Job Posting Campaign: Create a shareable URL that leads candidates to a unique page where they can learn more about the position, the company, and apply directly there. When they apply they will automatically be added to the project. You can learn more about adding candidates from campaigns to projects here.

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