Closing Projects & Public Profile Stats

When a project has been paid in full and can be closed, please close it! This will accomplish a few things:

  1. Take the project off your active dashboard and place it in archived for you to review whenever you need to
  2. Add to the total number of projects & adjust your average project cost on your public profile

The more projects you have completed, the closer you are to a higher profile status which changes your badge + lowers our commission rate (more money for you!).

Closing A Project

Step 1:

Go into one of your active projects, preferably one that has been paid in full.

Step 2:

When a project has been paid in full and has been inactive for at least a week, you'll notice a new option within the project's main dashboard at the bottom left " Close Project" with a red tag asking "Time to close?"

Click on the "Close Project" button.

Step 3:

You'll now open up a screen with a block of text asking if you'd like to close this project & the benefits of doing so.

Click on " Close this project". Don't worry, you can unarchive this project & get access to it whenever you'd like. You can do so by going to the main RecruitLoop dashboard, clicking on "Projects" and clicking on the "Archived" tab. You'll then see a list of all of your archived projects.

Step 4: 

One last prompt will come up confirming you want to close the project.

Select "Yes, close this project". Once clicked your page will refresh and you'll be taken to the project you just closed. You are now viewing the project in archived mode. 

Profile Stats & Commission Changes

Profile Stats:

Closing a project is beneficial to your public profile. Every project closed adds to your total tally showing your progression and expertise to prospective clients. 

Note: All public profile statistics, average project costs, and client testimonials are updated & refreshed once a day. You may not see your updated profile immediately once a project has been closed.

The more projects you close, the better your profile badge will be. Here is a quick breakdown of the badges you can earn:

Commission Changes

Not only do you get a more prominent public profile badge for each project you close, but you are inching closer to a better commission rate for projects we refer you, repeat clients, and any new clients you proactively invite to the platform.

You can view a more detailed breakdown of the commission tiers + benefits on this page.


Q: I need to re-open a project?
A: To re-open a closed project simply send an email to

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