Product Release Notes [2/02/2016]

We want to keep you in the loop with the latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform.

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Newly Released Features 

The best way to successfully win a project is by creating a winning proposal, having the right attitude and knowing your resources by heart.

There may be times when you feel overwhelmed when you login to something new. I know the feeling as it's similar to when I tried to operate our very first washing machine.

We have  listed some of  the new features we have integrated into the system based on your input as the main users of our app.  

Feature #1 [Dashboard] Webmail, Legacy (v2) projects and Support Centre tabs/shortcuts added to the platform

This feature is available for both self serve users and verified recruiters.

Feature #2 [Video Interviews] Watch button has been added to help clients/hiring managers easily figure out how to view the video interview


We try to action on any issues you may encounter.  Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed.

Fix #1 [Invoice] Foreign currency symbols don't show up on invoices correctly and mess up formatting.

The correct currency will now show up on client's invoice.

Fix #2 [Campaign] The image on the Campaign's preview page is sideways and distorted when shared on Facebook.

This has been fixed in reference to this bug. Just like any other fixes, there's still a tendency for you to experience this after the fix as Facebook caches previews.  As a work around, go to and paste the Campaign link then click 'Debug' and finally 'Fetch new scrape information'.

Fix #3 [Proposal] Content on Launched and Archived Proposals are not showing up entirely.

We have now fixed this issue which should allow recruiters to preview the entire proposal for a completed or active project. 

Fix #4 [Profile] Typo error fixed on the Employment page

Fix #5 [Activities] Previously, any changes made to the existing time/activity logged for a certain project wouldn't save unless you choose another date to be associated with it.

We have now fixed this to allow you to modify any existing activity on your project as long as they have not been requested yet.

Fix #6 [Proposals] Project brief is open but you can't send a proposal.

This is a bug we sorted out and should not affect any recruiters moving forward.  Otherwise, please contact

Fix #7 [Candidate Info Page] Recruiters cannot add multiple files all at the same time to the candidate’s Info page.

You can now upload multiple files (max 5MB per file) all at once.  At the moment, you can upload up to 10 files per candidate.

Known Issues and Problems/Additional feature requests

[This section covers issues and problems that are known about, but have a workaround. Often, this is where you include information about issues with operating systems, firewall configuration, or anti-virus programs.]

Issue #1 [Client Invoice] 

We are in the process of improving the texts on client invoices for you to get paid faster!

Issue #2 [Video Interview]

Some of your projects are still probably on the previous version of the platform (v2).  There are times when the video interview playback isn't working on Chrome.  Our team is currently digging further into this issue

Issue #3 [Candidates] Ability to delete a candidate's information from the platform.

Currently, you can replace the existing information on the candidate's info page and replace it with another candidate's details . However, it doesn't delete completed video interviews and notes/messages for that candidate.

Issue #4 [Proposals] Email Notifications

If a recruiter "declines" to propose, they still receive the "you missed out" email when another recruiter wins the brief.

You'll surely hear from us of any updates on latest product milestone, bug fixes and product enhancements that we'll push live in the coming weeks.  And of course, shout out if you feel like we're missing something you'd ideally want to see on the platform to make your recruiting experience an enjoyable one!

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