Client Introductions Workflow

Until February 2016, recruiters were invited to respond to new client leads with long proposals, that involved much writing/preparation, and multiple paragraphs. 

As for Feb 11, 2016, RecruitLoop has intoduced a new workflow, "Client Introductions".

As a RecruitLoop recruiter, when we send you a new client lead, you'll be required to write a much shorter "introduction" to the client. Think of this as an elevator pitch about why you're best suited to take on this role, and why the client should want to further discuss the role with you.

After receiving "introductions", the client has the option to request a formal proposal, or to request a phone call or meeting with a given recruiter. 

We've created a video to demonstrate what this new workflow looks like, and we've added an FAQ below the video:


Q: What do I write in my "introduction"?
A: Think of this as an "elevator pitch". No need to re-write the Lord of the Rings. Write something helpful, and with a bit of personality, to sell yourself to the client. 

Q: Why are we making this change? 
A: This change is based on feedback from clients and recruiters. Clients have been telling us the that proposals received were too long, and too similar, and they weren't sufficiently helpful in the decision-making process. Recruiters have been telling us that the long proposal process requires too much upfront investment, which is frustrating when they don't win the brief. 

Q: I can't see the client's phone & contact information. Is this intentional? Why?
A: We've heard from many clients who found it overwhelming and often annoying to be receiving phone calls and emails from individual recruiters. With this change, we're centralizing the client-recruiter communication, and we're putting the power in the client's hands. By giving clients the power to choose which recruiter to even communicate with, with give them agency from the very beginning of their RecruitLoop experience. 

Q: If can't call the client, who is chasing the business??
A: The RecruitLoop team follows up with all leads. Sales leads are chased up by our sales team. Other leads are chased up by our Succes Team, including Sherry, Medelene, Heather, and Paul.

Q: Can I still send a long proposal to my own clients?
A: Yes, the outbound proposal workflow remains the same. 

Q: What happens after I send an "Introduction" to a client? 
A: The client will receive the "Introduction" messages in the same way that they had received proposals in the past. When looking at the introductions, the client can choose to request a "formal proposal", request a phone call, or simply accept the project. They will also be able to simply send you a message. 

Q: Will I be notified if they request something from me? 
A: Yes, you will receive an email notification

Q: I have really strong feelings about this. What should I do?
A: Take a deep breath, and then let us know what you're thinking about these changes! We're always available at

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