Product Release Notes [2/16/2016]

We are hoping to spice up your love month with these latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform.

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Newly Released Features 

As we celebrate the Love Month, we've decided to spread the love by spending extra hours in making sure that your business gets a boost with these major releases.

Feature #1 [Proposal] New proposal workflow

We have prepared a video tutorial that can be found  here.  This will hopefully give clients a better understanding of your talent as a recruiter. Send an elevator pitch and keep winning projects!

Feature #2 [Invoice] Recruiter's ability to download the client invoice.

Déjà  Vu? This is not totally a new release but we just want to share this with everyone as we've been getting a lot of enquiries concerning this.  We can't stop clients from asking for a soft copy of the invoice but they can actually download it with 2 clicks.

Step 1 - Click on Invoices then Actions.

Step 2 - From the drop down menu, choose Preview client invoice.

Here's the tricky part, these actions will then open the client invoice on a new tab.  You will not see the Download EFT option because the browser (eg., Chrome, Inernet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc) recognizes your login and not your clients'. A simple yet weird work around is to copy the link and paste it on a different browser. You're now a pro!


We try to action on any issues you may encounter.  Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed.

Fix #1 [Project notification] Recruiter gets all the email notification straight to her personal email rather on her RecruitLoop email

This was an isolated case that has already been sorted.  If you encounter the same, please don't hesitate to reach out via

Fix #2 [Client Team] Client/Recruiter is getting the error below when trying to add a team member into the project.  

This is something that we need to fix individually as the issue is only affecting some emails from the v2 (previous version of the platform).  You may also encounter this when sending out a proactive proposal.  When that happens, kindly send us the details through  

Known Issues and Problems/Additional feature requests

[This section covers issues and problems that are known about, but have a workaround. Often, this is where you include information about issues with operating systems, firewall configuration, or anti-virus programs.]

Issue #1 [Client Invoice] 

We are in the process of improving the texts on client invoices for you to get paid faster! We are also adding the 7 days payment terms.

Issue #2 [Video Interview]

Some of your projects are still probably on the previous version of the platform (v2).  There are times when the video interview playback isn't working on Chrome.  Our team is currently digging further into this issue

Issue #3 [Candidates] Ability to delete a candidate's information from the platform.

Currently, you can replace the existing information on the candidate's info page and replace it with another candidate's details . However, it doesn't delete completed video interviews and notes/messages for that candidate.

Issue #4 [Proposals] Email Notifications

If a recruiter "declines" to propose, they still receive the "you missed out" email when another recruiter wins the brief.

You'll surely hear from us of any updates on latest product milestone, bug fixes and product enhancements that we'll push live in the coming weeks.  And of course, shout out if you feel like we're missing something you'd ideally want to see on the platform to make your recruiting experience an enjoyabale one!

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