Marketing Guidlines

RecruitLoop's recruiters are typically quite creative and industrious. We've spoken to many who are interested in promoting their RecruitLoop business online, and out in the real world. 

For those of you looking to do this, we've pulled together some guidelines on how to promote your RecruitLoop business. We've also included some images & branding information to help you put your best foot forward.

Marketing Guidelines

  • For representation on a website, RecruitLoop would like to see what you're publishing as soon as it goes 'live'
  • You must use the official RecruitLoop branding (provided below)
  • You must link back to your RecruitLoop profile in some way

Marketing Resources

You'll find RecruitLoop's branding standards, including information about font and exact colors, by clicking here.

Below we've uploaded some different RecruitLoop logos and images. To use any of this, right click on the image and download/save it to your device.

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