Product Release Notes [03/15/2016]

2 weeks ago we had limited updates to share, as our product team was focused on building some new features to support SaaS. 

In the past 2 weeks, they've doubled-down on feature requests & bugs, and we're seeing the results in today's Release Notes.

Bug Fixes

Fix #1 [Client Message] Recruiter is unable to view the message sent by client and gets "Ouch snap" error

Fix #2 [Proposals] Clients cannot see proposals under the "proposals" tab in the account

Fix #3 [Proposal] Brief is open but recruiter cannot send a proposal

Fix #4 [Rec Proposal] Content on Launched and Archived Proposal are not showing up

Fix #5 [Video Interview] The candidate cannot complete the video interview because it freezes/does not move

Fix #6 [Bug Website] Getting an error whenever posting a role from website after selecting a city and specialty.

Fix #7 [Invoicing] The recruiter requested payment, but no invoice was created

Fix #8 [webmail] Cannot send emails from

Fix #9 [Video Interviews] Mystery candidate appears when trying to play an incomplete video interview by clicking to unanswered questions. 

Fix #10 [Proposals] Recruiter is getting an error "This email is reserved for a consultant. Please ask your client to provide a different email."

Features Released

Feature #1 [Messaging] Ability to attach a file when emailing a client or a candidate from the platform: This was requested by many of you, and is now possible

Feature #2 [Invoicing] Under 'Add Activity' and 'Time' - should be able to change 'Other' header so that it doesn't show up as 'Other (enter your own description)' on the main 'ACTIVITIES' list.

Feature #3 [Candidates] Scrolling long candidate list makes it hard to access the "Info" section: This has been fixed, so the candidate list scrollings separately from the candidate info section. This fix will not apply in Internet Explorer

Known issues that are ongoing or pending

[This section covers issues and problems that are known  about,  but have a workaround. Often, this is where you include information about issues with operating systems, firewall configuration, or anti-virus programs.]

Issue #1 [Password Resets]

  • Recruiter or client tries to reset password, gets error
  • This issue impacts only users from the old platform who had both a recruiter and client account.
  • If you see this error, contact and we will change the password for you.

Issue #2 [Candidates]

  • Ability to delete a candidate's information from the platform. Currently, you can replace the existing information on the candidate's info page and replace it with another candidate's  details .  However, it doesn't delete completed video interviews and notes/messages for that candidate.
  • Recruiter ability to sort candidates alphabetically and have a  hide  functionality for a convenient and effective way of filtering candidates before sharing the list to the client.

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