Product Release Notes [3/29/2016]

Something exciting is coming! 

Let's check out what the team here at RecruitLoop has been up to for the past two weeks.

Newly Released Features 

Happy Easter Loopers!

While everyone was having a good time with their families, our amazing Product Team was unstoppable in fixing issues and granting wishlists.

We have  listed some of  the new features we have integrated into the system based on your input as the main users of our app.  

Feature #1  [Candidates] Recruiters can now hide candidates before sharing the list with the clients

In v2 (previous version of the app), recruiters have the option to hide a candidate from their Active Candidate view for easy weeding out of candidates. This feature went missing on the new version of the platform. Good news because it's now back. Though the process in hiding candidates now is a little different, it will hopefully make it easier for you to shortlist candidates. You can learn more about it through this  link.

Feature #2 [Project Dashboard] Visibility into which projects have outstanding invoices by just looking at your project dashboard.

The recruiters will see this paper like symbol next to the amount highlighted in red if that project still has any outstanding amount.


We try to action on any issues you may encounter.  Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed.

Fix #1 [Webmail] Recruiters cannot send emails from

This was a configuration settings issue that we were able to fix 2 weeks ago. If anything similar comes up, please reach out to

Fix #2 [Video interview] The How-To link was not working previously. If you hover your mouse on it, nothing happens.

Shout out to Bernadette Eichner for identifying this issue. It was a broken link that we've now fixed.

Fix #3 [Recruiter Profile] Recruiters were not able to upload thumbnail photos. The "crop" tool does not appear after you've selected the thumbnail to upload.

Ideally, the thumbnail photo should be square sized to fit in.

Known Issues and Problems/Additional feature requests

[This section covers issues and problems that are known ,  but have a workaround. Often, this is where you include information about issues with operating systems, firewall configuration, or anti-virus programs.]

Issue #1 [Password] 

When a recruiter tries the 'forgot password' option, they are sent an email with a link to reset their password. But then, when they try to login, they get this error.

Issue #2 [Client Invoice]

Some improvement on the wordings of the invoice. We want to make it easily understood by clients. Thanks to your feedback as always. We would also like to add date to it.

Issue #3 [Project Count]

Completed project in the past are not showing as completed project on the recruiter's profile.

Issue #4 [Video Interview]

 inconsistency with Chrome. We have recently switched our video interview recording to the new version code base, meaning it is all the same but rewritten in different format. From to If the candidate gets stuck by using the new format, please let us know and we'll revert the video interview link to the old format as a workaround for now. We are still continuously fixing this issue.

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