RecruitLoop Guide - All the links you need!

A common question that we hear from our recruiter community, "can you share all the links with me?" 

We get it. When you first join RecruitLoop, there are a LOT of different links and 'places to go' shared with you. We've summarized them all here in one easy chart. Bookmark this page, and you'll forever have access to "all the links"!

Link Name Link Address Purpose/Description Mandatory?
RecruitLoop App (new)   This is the most important link you can have. This is where all current RecruitLoop projects are created and worked on. It's also where you can access and edit your RecruitLoop profile. From within your account, you can access support, webmail, and much more!
To access your account, your username can be your email address, or firstname.lastname (ie mary.smith)
This is where you can access your RecruitLoop inbox and email address. To login, use your full RecruitLoop email address as your username.  Yes
RecruitLoop App (old)
If you were a RecruitLoop recruiter before Jan 2016, you may have used our old app. If you need to access it again, this is the address where you can find it.  No
Success Centre
This is the website where you can access a variety of articles and videos about how RecruitLoop works. This will help you use our technology, and pitch RecruitLoop to clients.  No, but you really should use it. 
Help Centre for Clients
We've also created a website with articles and videos to help clients. If your client is having trouble with something, you can use the materials at this site to help them. Same as above
RecruitLoop Deals Click Here
As a Marketplace of thousands of recruiters, RecruitLoop is often able to negotiate with companies to secure a deal or discount for our recruiters. This link is for a list of deals that we've arranged, and the link to further details.
The Loop/Our Private Facebook Group Click here
We have a private Facebook group for RecruitLoop recruiters. Use this link to access if you've been invited. If you haven't been invited, email to request access. This is our community for recruiters. It includes a large discussion forum where all recruiters can chat, ask, and respond to questions.  No
RecruitLoop Blog
Check out our main site to keep up to date on the latest trends in recruitment. Our blog has tons of resources for clients and recruiters. No
The RecruitLoop Slack is an online chat portal where recruiters can chat with each other. The Recruiter Q&As are transcribed in here as well. If you don't have a Slack account with us yet, email to request access. No
RecruitMentor Program Click here
The RecruitMentor program aims to connect you with a recruiter who’s been successful at pitching the model, selling RecruitLoop, and building a successful business using the RecruitLoop platform. If you’re a new RecruitLoop recruiter then you’re eligible to participate in the program. RecruitMentorship is open to any new recruiters who’ve completed less than 5 projects.
Recruiter Q&A's Click here
This link will take you to our information page about Q&A's. The US & Australian Q&As occur at different times and dates. The link to join is included in the info page. When you're ready to join, click the link. No pre-registration required.  No
If you're a RecruitLoop recruiter in Australia, we offer you a JobAdder account where you get access to SEEK ads for just $180. If your account hasn't been set up yet, email to request access.  No

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