How to Pitch RecruitLoop

New around here? Wondering how to pitch RecruitLoop to new clients? Fear not, my friend. Our Co-Founder, CEO, and resident recruiting expert, Paul Slezak, is here to tell you how it's done. Click play on the video below, and learn how to pitch RecruitLoop!


Q: I'm new to RecruitLoop, and I've just received a brief in my inbox. I'm thinking of responding to the client inquiry, what should I do? How does this 'pitching' work?

A: Great question! The goal of the introduction is to let the client know why you are the best possible recruiter for the job, to the point where they want to get on the phone with you and hear more. The client will be receiving written introductions from 2-5 other recruiters, so you need to make sure that you explain what factors in your hiring experience and career background make you their ideal recruiter. 

Q: I've just a respond to a brief from a client. I've introduced myself and told them what I can do. What happens next? 

A: Cool! The client will receive your message, and may hear from 2-5 other recruiters. Over the next few days, they may reach out to you to ask a question or request a phone call. If so, those notifications will go to your RecruitLoop email address, so make sure you're checking it regularly. When you speak to the client, they'll have questions about how you work, about how you'd approach the role that they're filling, etc. Typically a client will receive 3-5 introductions, and then speak on the phone with 1-3 recruiters. 

Q: I'm speaking with a client. What's going to happen next?

A: After speaking on the phone, they'll often request a formal proposal, which you can send through the platform as a message, or send as a longer proposal (the client will have to click the "request a formal proposal" button to enable this function). After that, it's up to the client to accept your proposal in order to engage you. DO NOT start work on a project until the client has accepted your proposal.

Q: How long will a client lead stay active? What's happening in the background? 

For any given client lead, the RecruitLoop team chases and follows up with the client for a maximum of 20 days. If the deal doesn't look like it's going to close at that point, we will remove the lead and notify you. You can find out more about our sales process  here

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