I've just launched a project, what happens now?

When recruiters join RecruitLoop, they're often excited to jump and start meeting clients. If a client accepts your proposal, there are a variety of different questions you might have. Here are the answers!

Q: A client has accepted my proposal, what do I do next?
A: Congratulations! Put on your recruiter hat, because it's now on you to run the project. The thing about being an independent recruiter, is that the power is in your hands to drive the engagement. This will be as successful as you make it. Your client is looking to you as the hiring expert. Communication and transparency will be key for you to keep things going smoothly. 

Q: Okay, but literally, what do I do next?
A: Start by logging into your account to "accept" the project. This will allow you to choose the industry category of the project that will reflect on your profile. This will also create the project on your Projects Dashboard in your RecruitLoop account. For questions about how our technology works, check out these resources. And most importantly: contact your client to schedule a kick-off call. The goal of this call is to get all parties on the same page about the hiring project and the approach you'll be taking. Remember that the client is looking to you as the professional recruiting expert, so it's up to you to set the tone and set their expectations about how things will work.

Q: How does the billing work?
A: RecruitLoop sells the model of "hourly billing". Unlike traditional recruiting arrangements, there are no fees, success bonuses, etc. As the professional recruiting expert, you bill for each hour that you work. You log your hourly billings on the RecruitLoop platform, along with a description of what each hour of work included. When you send the client an payment request, they will receive an invoice from RecruitLoop. They will then pay RecruitLoop, and RecruitLoop will you the amount owed (billings less commission)

Q: How often should I invoice?
A: This is different for each recruiter. Some recruiters bill bi-weekly, others bill monthly, and some bill based on milestones within the project. This is best discussed with your client at the beginning of the project. Let them know when you plan to invoice them, and make sure they understand and agree.

Q: What are the payment terms with RecruitLoop? 
A: Invoice payment terms are 7 days, though we do accommodate client requests for different terms. If an invoice is not paid within 7 days, RecruitLoop's Accounts team will begin following up with the client about payment (unless you advise otherwise). 

Q: When and how do I get paid?
A: You will receive payment for an invoice within 7 days after the client has made payment to RecruitLoop. When a client pays your invoice, you will receive an email notification that asks you to "view and confirm" your RecruitLoop invoice. Once you've confirmed your invoice, we will send payment within 7 days. Payment is sent every Friday at around 10am PDT. For details on how you're paid, see this article

Q: How often should I follow up with the client? 
A: We recommend that you're in touch with the client on at least a weekly basis. As with billing, it's best to speak with the client at the beginning of the project to discuss your communications cadence: how often does your client want to hear from you? how quickly will you need feedback from clients when sending them candidates? would they prefer emails or phone calls? do they have time for a weekly check-in? Our most successful recruiters check in with their clients on a weekly basis at minimum. Even if you do not have candidates to share with your client, it's a good idea to share stats or data about the work you've done so far. The majority of client complaints about recruiters come from clients who feel their recruiter isn't keeping them in the loop about the project's status. To avoid this, we recommend at least 2 check-in's or updates per week. You're they're hiring expert, so they're looking to you for updates and information about how it's all going.

Q: The client is having technical issues accessing the platform, what should I do? 
A: We have a support team available for these types of issues. Email them directly at success@recruitloop.com and they will be able to help. We've also created a support site for clients, located at help.recruitloop.com

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