How your RecruitLoop profile helps you win business

The RecruitLoop team manages the Marketplace relationship between client inquiries (leads) and recruiters.

When a client inquiry enters the Marketplace, we search our recruiter database and make matches according to the recruiters' geography and experience.

As RecruitLoop grows, we will begin using technologies to help us with this matching. As a result, it's important for recruiters to keep their profiles and locations serviced up to date in their profile.

To help you see the most possible business, let's take a look at the best way to set up these categories:


The "matching" tool used in our Marketplace looks at "city" and "state". Every recruiter must list at least one city, but you also have the option to list other cities you recruit in "remotely". Some recruiters have used this function to list countries, but this is not effective for our search. 

RecruitLoop's Marketplace looks for states or individual cities. When 'matching', we look for recruiters who service the nearest major city. So, for example, if a client posted a role for "Palo Alto", we would look for recruiters whose profiles list "Palo Alto", but we would also look for recruiters who list "San Francisco". 

If you recruit for all 50 states, we suggest listing all 50 states on your profile. If there are particular cities you have recruited before, we strongly recommend including those as well. The more locations you can provide, the better. 


RecruitLoop's "matching" also provides an option to search via keyword. We choose our key words based on the role title and job description. Keyword search looks at everything on your profile: description, positions you've filled, and companies you've worked with. 

If you have any niche specialties are areas of experience, it's important that you find a way to include these on your profile. When we're searching for a recruiter on behalf of a very specific client, the more information we can work with, the better. Think about the areas and the narratives of your career that make you special. Then look at your profile: do you see those reflected in the information listed? If not, add them!

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