Writing a winning client introduction

The above video describes the technical process of sending a client introduction, but we get a lot of questions about what to write in that client introduction. 

In the past we offered an "Example Proposal", but we found that clients ended up with a lot of cookie-cutter proposals that all said the same thing. With the client introduction, you have the option to write as much or as little as you'd like. Based on feedback from the RecruitLoop Marketplace Success and Sales teams, we've come up with some ideas on what to include in a successful introduction.

The goal of the proposal is to present yourself to the client in a way that highlights the skills and experience that make you unique. When reviewing introductions, clients are trying to determine which recruiter is the best match for them. Based on those introductions, clients decide which recruiters to reach out to for further phone calls and contact.

Things to include:

  • 5-10 sentences at minimum
  • Your contact information 
  • Your upcoming availability for calls. Suggest some time slots, or provide a calendly link
  • Your expert thoughts on the role they're hiring and the current hiring market status (i.e. tough role to hire, but...; many great candidates, but need to narrow down key requirements)
  • Evidence that you know a bit about this particular company. We've heard from customers that they're put off when they recruiter doesn't seem to know anything about them. 

Questions to answer: 

  • Have you worked on these types of roles before?
  • What recruiting experience makes you ideal for filling this role? 
  • Are there any other skills or experiences that impact your unique suitability for this role? 

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