Product Release Notes [4/26/2016]

We want to keep you in the loop with the latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform.

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Newly Released Features 

As our developers have been working on improving our Sourcing as a Service, there's been limited  work around  feature requests and bugs. However, we have got quite a few things released over the past two weeks. Check out the list below for all the updates.


We try to action on any issues you may encounter.  Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed.

Fix #1 [Campaign Email Notification] The link to view the candidate's full application is routing to the old app ( even if the recruiter is logged into the new version of the platform.

We have now fixed this broken link and is undergoing further testing. If you still encounter the same issue, please give us a shout at

Fix #2 [Project Email Notification] Project update notifications for recruiters are insufficient, and there are no indicators of updates within the platform itself.

We have now implemented a solution by placing a tick box on the Candidate page where you can group candidates based on project updates.

Fix #3  [Candidates] The link to view a candidate document is weird and  not useable

Some recruiters have reported that when viewing a candidate document, the file name appears as " getdocdocld .file", and cannot be opened. This issue appears  sporadically,  and typically goes away if you logout and then  login  again.

We have now fixed this bug!

If you still see this issue, please take the follow steps to report this issue to RecruitLoop, as we're having trouble reproducing & studying this issue:

1. On your Windows keyboard, click F12 (On a Mac, access the Developer Tools, as shown in the below screenshot) 
2. A partial window will open up. In that window, click on a tab labelled "Console" 
3. Under "console", scroll through the list and look for red text (it will indicate an error) 
4. Take a screenshot (or multiple screenshots) and send them back to us. 

Fix #3  [Activities] The commission % of the recruiter was corrected on our end but still shows the previous percentage on the Recruiter's invoice.

If you encounter the same, please let us know through

Known Issues and Problems/Additional feature requests

The below are issues that have been reported, and currently are ongoing. Many have a workaround. If you see any of these issues, we'd love to see screenshots and any other details you're able to share. 

Issue #1 [Email Notifications] Notification offers no detail, and it's unclear what was updated

Some email notifications simply say "Open Dashboard" but do not share any details about what the relevant update actually is. When you click the link, it takes you to the candidate  dashboard,  but doesn't share any detail about what has happened. Our Head of Product suspects this is a bug, and the emails are being generated even when there are no updates to share. His recommendation is to ignore these emails. 

Issue #2 [Email Notifications] An email notification that describes an update as "message on a project" directs the recruiter to the wrong location. The email notification describes a "message" related update, but links to a Candidate Dashboard. When reading email notifications, trust what they're describing more than trusting the link. Just because it links to the candidate dashboard does not mean that candidate update has occurred. Instead, navigate to the "messages" section, or whichever area is mentioned in the notification email. 

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