What to do after you receive a full list?

When your list of candidate profiles are ready, there are a few different things that you can do:

1. Review the list of candidate profiles from the sourcing project
2. Export a .csv of all candidate profiles so you can import them into your ATS
3. Add your candidate profiles to an existing Marketplace project

Option 1: View the list under the "Sourcing" tab. 

Step 1: Log into your account and click on "Sourcing". On that page you'll see all sourcing projects that are in progress. To see your full list, toggle to "Completed", as shown below. 

Step 2: Click on the sourcing project to view candidate profiles. From this page, you can see each candidate's name and email address, along with a link to their LinkedIn profile. You cannot edit or comment on candidates on this page.

Option 2: Export a .csv of all candidates' information

Step 1: By following the steps illustrated in "Option 1", above, you'll reach your full list of sourced candidate profiles. 

Step 2: When viewing the full list, you'll see a button labelled "Actions". Click this button, and then click "export csv". Clicking this button will automatically download the list of candidates in .csv format.

Option 3: Add candidates to an existing Marketplace Project

Step 1: From the sourcing page, click on 'Add candidates to the project'. This is applicable only if you've attached your sourcing request to your existing project when first submitting your request.

Step 2: Confirm that you'd like to add the candidates to your project. It will tell you to what project the candidates together with their emails be added to.

Step 3: To see all the data gathered by our Sourcing team, go to Projects and select the corresponding project.

Step 4: From your candidate dashboard, you will see the email of the candidates. If you click on a candidate, the candidate workspace will open on the right side of the page, as it always does. You can contact, tag, and make notes about these candidates, as per usual. 


Q: If I add candidates to an existing Marketplace project, will they be tagged as "sourced" automatically?
A: No, they won't. However, your candidates will only those who you share. For your own sanity, we have a feature that allows you to hide candidates

Q: How do I remove someone from my candidates list? 
A: You cannot delete a candidate, but you can hide them from your list. 

Q: I need my candidates list in a format other than .csv. How can I get that? 
A: Email us at sourcing@recruitloop.com or success@recruitloop.com and we'll get you the list in a different format. You can also download the csv file and use Excel to convert the file to a different format. But if you can't make that work, we're happy to help!

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