Giving Feedback on the Calibration List

After you've submitted a sourcing request, our sourcing team will get to work on your "calibrated list". This is a list that shows 10 example candidate profiles that match your request.

To make sure that we give you the best candidates for the role you are hiring for, we give you a list of 10 candidate profiles for free to review. We ask you to view these profiles and check if they match what you need. Whether they do or not, we require detailed feedback about whether they meet your needs, and if not, what's missing.

At this stage, it's very important for us to know if we're on the right track, so please be honest with your feedback!

Once you've reviewed the calibration list, and left feedback, you can choose to purchase the full list right away. If you're not happy with the results of the calibration list, we'll see that in your feedback, and we'll go back to the drawing board. We'll share 3-4 new candidates with you to see if they're a better fit. Re-calibration can continue until you're satisfied.


Step 1: When your calibration list is ready, you'll receive an email notification. Follow the link, or login to your account and click "Sourcing". You'll see that your sourcing project is tagged as "feedback required". Open the project to view the list.

On the Calibration list, you will see with the following:

  1. Candidate Name & email
  2. Current Position
  3. Relevant Links - Linkedin/Personal webpage
  4. Comments (this section is for you to fill out)

C2.jpgStep 2: When you click on the link provided, it will open to the candidate's LinkedIn page. Do this to review the candidate.C1.jpg

Step 3: After viewing the Linkedin profile, and evaluating whether they're a good fit, you must leave a comment, and flag them as "Yes" or "No". 

Ask yourself, "would I show this candidate to my client?" If not, or if 'maybe' or if 'not sure', click "No".

Step 4: Beside the candidate you'll also see a Yes/No button. Click the correct button to show your opinion of the candidate.  If you click "yes", that's great. If you click "No", please add very detailed notes and feedback in the comments!


Step 5: Furthermore, once you've clicked "No", then you will be asked to choose from the dropdown why they are not a fit for the role.


Step 6: Your reason will appear on the comments section of the candidate. Please click on the "comments" section to add further notes and explain *why* they are a no. The more detailed you are, the better our research can be.


Step 7: After reviewing all profiles and making comments for each candidate, click on Leave feedback


Step 8: You also have an option to leave overall feedback. If you'd like us to re-calibrate, let us know at this stage. Once you click on submit, this will be forwarded to our sourcing team who will then review the profiles and your feedback.


Step 9: If you're waiting for a re-calibration, we'll alert you when more candidates are ready to review. If you're happy with the list, click "Purchase full list". Once you've paid, we'll get to work on finding the remaining candidates!


Q: If the full list is 50 candidates, and I get 10 for free up front, does that mean I get 60 candidates in total? 
A: No, all calibration candidates that you mark as "yes" will count towards your full list.

Q: What if I hate all the candidates on every calibration and re-calibration?
A: If you're not happy after multiple attempts, we'll call you to discuss your sourcing request. If the results aren't what you want, then it's best to re-evaluate the request itself to make sure we're on the same page.

Q: What happens if you can't find enough candidates? Do I get a discount?
A: No. If we cannot find enough candidates in your field/market of choice to develop a full list, we will either provide as many as possible or we will decline to proceed with the project before it even begins.

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