Product Release Notes [05/23/2016]

We want to keep you in the loop with the latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform. We've got quite feature request releases, we've managed to fix few issues you've raised to Support.

Check out what's changed!

Newly Released Features

Feature #1 [Dashboard] Ability for recruiters to see the movement or progress of their project's invoices from the dashboard.

Feature #2 [Candidates] Recruiter wants to add a function that highlights candidates when clients add new notes/messages. Many recruiters wanted an easer way to see which candidate a client has commented on. We implemented a feature that allows you to "group candidates by client update". This toggle will sort your candidates based on the most recent comments added. Those at the top, will be those most recently commented on by your client. On your main project dashboard, you'll see a red dot beside the project where clients have made updates. 

Feature #3 [Shortlist] Clients should be able to view TAGS added by recruiter.

Clients can now see tags added by recruiter! Thanks to all of you who shared your feedback on this. Your clients can now see the tags that you've added!

Feature #4 [Message] Email signature appended on the email to be sent out to candidates. 

We’ve also added more tools to the candidate email function, including the ability to send attachments. As you can see belong, your email signature is automatically included in all emails sent to candidates from within the platform. 


We try to action on the issues you may encounter as quickly as possible. Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed. See them below:

Fix #1 [Webmail] Recruiters getting a message that the delivery of their email maybe delayed. 

Our webmail does not have immunity from spammers. If your existing password looks generic (eg: Pass1234) or anything similar, please change it to a stronger and more random one for security purposes. 

We encourage everyone to do this so we can ensure that your email is secured.

Fix #2 [Email Notifications] Link in "Comments on a project" email links to client dashboard

We have now fixed this broken link and now points to the correct project. If you still encounter the same issue, please give us a shout at

Fix #3 [The Loop] The link to The Loop 2.0 home page isn't working

We have now fixed through contacting Influitive Support. If you still encounter the same issue, please give us a shout at

Fix #4 [Candidates] Recruiter is seeing programming scripts on her dashboard

We found some performance issues on the page which might be related. We have now fixed this! If you still encounter issues with pages loading in the platform, please give us a shout at

Outstanding known Issues and Problems

The below are issues that have been reported, and currently are ongoing. Many have a workaround. If you see any of these issues, we'd love to see screenshots and any other details you're able to share. 

Issue #1 [Invoicing] Recruiters should be able to download the invoice for their clients

Issue #2 [Webmail] Our email score is currently good, but we are hearing from some recruiters that emails to Citrix are delayed. Heather is working with the IT team at Citrix to resolve this.

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