No Sound & No Video!

This is a rare scenario but here are tips on how to troubleshoot this problem if it does occur.

What to do if there’s no sound and video while doing a video interview?

Step 1:

If you are using a plug & play mic and headset, make sure that they are being detected by your computer.  

You may verify this by trying it out with Skype or another related application.

Step 2:  

Quit all applications that use the webcam.  

You can use a webcam with only one application at a time. Exit all other applications that use the webcam, such as iChat, PhotoBooth, and Skype. Try using the webcam again. Adjust the volume of the mic you are using (internal or third party) as it may be on mute.

Step 3:  

Verify that you have the latest version of Flash Player

  • In your browser, open the About Flash Player page.
  • If the Flash Player is installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays a Version Information box. The following example shows what the box looks like.

  • If this box appears on the About Flash Player page, it shows the Flash Player version installed on your computer.
  • If Flash Player is not installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays one of the boxes shown below. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player.              

Step 4:

In your browser, open the web page where you encountered problems with Flash Player.

  • Control-click the content and select Settings from the context menu. The Flash Player settings pop-up box appears.
  • Click the Privacy settings menu item to display the Privacy settings panel:

  • Select Allow to let the website access your webcam and microphone.

Step 5:  

For Windows users, if this still doesn't resolve the issue, it may be helpful to re-install the driver for your webcam and mic. Restart your computer after the install and try the video interview again on a fresh browser, preferably Chrome.

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