Product Release Notes [06/06/2016]

We want to keep you in the loop with the latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform. We've got quite feature request releases, we've managed to fix few issues you've raised to Support.

Check out what's changed!

Newly Released Features

Feature #1 [Dashboard] Activity timeline will now include more events on your History tab and your client's Timeline page accordingly.

Both pages now include more specific details and a wider variety of events as shown below.

  • Added Candidate to shared list (as opposed to updated candidate list) - the name of the candidate is also shown.
  • Removed Candidate from shared list (as opposed to updated candidate list)
  • Added comments on a candidate - There's a new button that says Read added where clients can see the new comments you've added.
  • Added hours on the project - showing specific amount respectively.Feature #2 


Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed. See them below:

Fix #1 In recruiter accounts, "Community" should link to

The in-app community button now points to

Fix #2 [Candidates] Recruiter is seeing programming scripts on her dashboard. The script hides/replaced the project number and is a bit creepy.

We found some performance issues on this page that we've managed to fix. This may have been an isolated case but then, if you encounter the same please let us know through

Fix #3 [Email Notifications] On emails to candidates that come from the platform, we changed the "reply-to" address to be the recruiter's RecruitLoop email address. 

Previously, clicking 'Reply To' opens an email that responds to the candidate's own email, which is a very weird experience. We have switched the reply-to email so that it will now send directly from the recruiter's RecruitLoop email account (if they have one).

Fix #4 [Webmail] Recruiters are getting "authentication failed" error when trying to send out email.

We have figured out the source of the problem and applied a fix to it as soon as we discovered what was wrong. If you'll encounter any related issues, please let us know at

Also, we've collated all the updates about the recent webmail issues you probably encountered yourself in the past 2 weeks. You can check it out   here.

Outstanding known Issues and Problems

The below are issues that have been reported, and currently are ongoing. Many have a workaround. If you see any of these issues, we'd love to see screenshots and any other details you're able to share. 

Issue #1 [Proposals] A project has been awarded to the recruiter but it's still showing up on his Proposals page.

Issue #2 [New Proposals] No tag displayed on Proposals Dashboard when a formal proposal is requested

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