Product Release Notes [6/20/2016]

We want to keep you in the loop with the latest updates on the RecruitLoop platform. We've got quite feature request releases, and we've managed to fix few issues you've raised to Support.

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Newly Released Features

Feature #1 [Campaign Page] Option to remove recruiter's photo on campaign page.

Some clients would rather make their company logo more prominent on the Campaign page and remove the photo of the recruiter. We have now made an option to hide your photo and details altogether.

Feature #2 [Proactive Proposals] Client details workflow list is not organized or easy to use.

Previously, when you create a new proposal from the "proposals" tab in your account, you'll have to select a client. The list included every client that you have worked with.

There are 3 main issues with the page:

1. The list is in no discernible order, so it can be hard to find the company in the list. 

2. In order to add a new company, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the existing list. 

3. The "client" dialogue does not scroll with the company list. So, if your client list is long, you'll have to scroll down the list, choose the company, then scroll back to the top of the page to select or add the individual client info.

Here are the things we've implemented to address these issues.

1. The list should is now in an alphabetical order and it has a "search" function at the top of the list, so you can search for a certain company name.

2. The "create new company/client" option now sits above the list.

3. The "client" dialogue scrolls with the company list.

Feature #3 [Sourcing] Some automated emails went missing and were not received by clients/recruiters.

Feature #4 [Sourcing] Recruiters can now complete their profile, run a sourcing project or pay invoice from a mobile device. Other modules are coming soon...


Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed. See them below:

Fix #1 [Webmail] Recruiter is getting an authentication error when sending out emails.

We've managed to trace this bug and should now be fixed. In relation to webmail, we are trying very hard to keep our emails secure. We highly recommend that you use longer password with a mix of number, letters and symbols to keep it safe from spammers.

Outstanding known Issues and Problems

The below are issues that have been reported, and currently are ongoing. Many have a workaround. If you see any of these issues, we'd love to see screenshots and any other details you're able to share. 

Issue #1 [Candidates] Ability to delete a candidate's information according to the 13 Australia Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.

If you have a similar request, kindly email This is still in the works as it's quite a complex workflow that we are trying to sort.

Issue #2 [Blog] Some links are not working and website visitors aren't able to download the materials/templates made available on the blog and resources page.

Issue #3 [Messages] Recruiter seeing random error when trying to send a message to a client within the app.

Issue #4 [Proposals] A project has been awarded to the recruiter but it's still showing up on his/her Proposals page.

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