RecruitLoop's Partnership with LiveHire

In June 2016, during an Australian Community Q&a, we were guested with a special presentation from an Australian HR Tech startup called LiveHire. They're engaged with RecruitLoop in a very compelling channel partnership.
LiveHire makes a software as a service platform that allows recruiters to arrange and manage talent proactively as a "community". Their primary client audience are companies hiring 500+ people per year. Often their clients are searching for on-demand help with managing these talent communities of candidates, and they're aiming to present RecruitLoop recruiters as a solution to meet that skills gap.

Here's the full demo to take you through their project and the possibilities:

If you're interested in learning about how use their technology and become a 'recommended recruiter' for LiveHire clients, please email

If you would like to learn more about LiveHire, check out these resources:

What is LiveHire? 

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How to build a talent community? 

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LiveHire case studies

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Click here to view the Ertech case study: 

Click here to view Vivir case study:

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