How to update your password on your Android phone

Android devices also have an Email app that let you access and send email with other email services. Once you have configured your RecruitLoop email IMAP account on your Android phone or tablet, it is simple to modify the account.

If you have changed your email password from within webmail or support has done it for you and the email account is setup on an Android device, here's how you can update your email password.

Quick Overview

Tap the Email icon / Press the Menu button and tap Account Settings / Scroll to Server Settings and tap “Incoming Settings” or “Outgoing Settings” to modify your account settings. 

Step 1 : Touch the E-Mail icon to configure your email

This is located either on your home screen or customized screens or in the Apps icon which shows all of your apps in one place. Note: Not all Android screens look the same. This tutorial will utilize the stock e-mail app that comes with Android.  

Go to  Mail (in the top menu, next to the Apple logo, top left) and choose Preferences from the menu.

Step 2 : Go to the Manage Accounts page

Select the three vertical lines at the top-left of the screen. Then choose Manage Accounts. 

Step 3 : Click on your RecruitLoop Email > Password.

Step 4 : Enter your new password and hit OK.

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