Understanding the RecruitLoop Client Inquiry Form

RecruitLoop's client inquiry (or "role post") form has traditionally asked clients to fill in basic questions about their contact information, and the role that they're looking to fill.

Over time, we found that many clients who completed the form were simply 'taking us for a spin', but weren't serious about choosing a recruiter. 

As a result, we've modified our inquiry to form to include a the types of questions we'd ask a client on a proper qualifying call. 

When receiving a client brief, you'll notice a variety of questions & answers are now included. 

These questions are certainly open to improvement, and we'd love your feedback on how they can be improved.

Listed below are all of the questions currently included in our Client Inquiry Form:

  • How many roles do you need help hiring with today?

  • What ONE role do you need help hiring with?

  • What's the name of the company hiring for {role title}?

  • Please paste your job description (or the URL where we can find it) below.

  • Where is the job geographically located? (If it's a remote position, just put "remote")

  • What type of employment opportunity is this? (Options: Full-time/Part-time/Contract/Temporary)

  • Have you already identified potential candidates for this role? (Options: Yes/No) 

  • Have you already identified potential candidates for this role? (Options: New Position Create/Resignation/Other)

  • How long has this role been open? (Options: 0-4 Months/1-3 Months/3-6 Months/6+ Months)

  • Why do you want RecruitLoop's help making a hire? (Options: No time/Don't like agencies/confidential role/lack of candidates/need outside help & advice)

  • Do you have budget for external recruiters? (Options: Yes/No)

  • How many roles are you expecting to hire in the next 3 months? (Options: 1-4/5-10/10+/0)

  • What's your last name?

  • What's your first name?

  • What's your email address?

  • How would you like to receive introductions to recruiters? (Options: Email/Email & Text Message)

  • Anything else we need to know?

Want to suggest an improve the form? Email us at success@recruitloop.com

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