What Clients Want?

We receive a lot of feedback from recruiters of all specialities and experience levels. The number 1 question we hear from all of them is 'what does a winning proposal look like?'

Recruiting can be pretty subjective, as can client relationships, so it's pretty tough to narrow down the 'ideal' response. However, we've done a study of all Closed Won Opportunities from Q2 of 2016, and we're sharing our initial results with you right here.

2 things to keep in mind: 1. This is only 3 months worth of data; 2. We haven't yet compared this data to Closed Lost Opps, which means results are *very* inconclusive.

Still, if you're looking to improve your responses to clients, we suggest you try the following strategies:

1. Include a friendly greeting/introduction, just as you would in any email communication ( right?!)

2. Request a phone call with the client! Never underestimate the power of a well-worded call to action

3. Describe some similar roles that you've worked on in the past. If the proof is in the pudding, be sure to offer some up by discussing your past experience!

Here is a selection of the preliminary data we've collected. We'll be releasing more findings in future newsletters, but for now, enjoy!

Y/N Short Response Long Response Cost estimate Description of past roles Mention of previous clients Friendly introduction A step by step plan of how they'd work the role A request to set up a phone call
Yes (%) 57.50% 42.50% 40.00% 70.00% 40.00% 85.00% 50.00% 77.50%
No (%) 42.50% 57.50% 60.00% 30.00% 60.00% 15.00% 50.00% 22.50%

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