Sound Recording Choppy Or Fragmented

Sound quality is typically impacted by the speed or quality of your internet connect.

Here are some strategies or tricks that you can try to ensure you're using a high quality internet connection.

Step 1:  Conduct a speed and ping test to check the stability of your internet.

This will tell you whether you're using a high quality internet connection: If your connection is slow, you could try again at a different time of day, contact your internet provider for help, or maybe go use the internet at a different location.

Step 2:  Don't use a wireless connection.

Try accessing the Internet using a wired connection (such as an Ethernet cable) rather than a wireless connection.

Step 3:  Quit any other applications that are connected to the Internet.

Give your video interview an exclusive use of your Internet connection.

Step 4:  It won't hurt to clear your browser cache. Refresh your browser and try it again.

Clearing cache on Chrome

Clearing cache on Mozilla Firefox

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