Product Release Notes [10/24/2016]

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Newly Released Features 

We have a new page on our website, which you'll find below:

Also, we've got few things released over the past two weeks. Check out the list below for all the updates.


Some of the items you’ve raised to Support have now been fixed. See them below:

Fix #1 [Recruiter Dashboard] A Demo Project Appears in a Recruiters Account & I cannot remove it

Demo project is a static thing with fake data, it doesn't exist in the database (or in the recruiter's profile). We only show it in the list when there are no active projects - to target recruiters who are new to the platform. 

Fix #2 Recruiter cannot access newly created account@

This was an isolated case and has been sorted by our Product Team, if you experience the same issue, please email

Outstanding known Issues and Problems

Good news! There are currently no outstanding bugs in the platform (that we know of). If you find any, please let us know at 

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