Product Release Notes [12/05/2016]

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Newly Released Features 

As we chugged into December, our team put their heads down and tackled some longstanding requests we had. A lot of them were to help our internal backend operations, so they'll be driving changes in ways you can't see, but trust me when I say it makes your marketplace success team members very happy. Here are the changes that you will notice: 

[Feature Request #1] Recruiter wants to archive projects - We discussed this with our team, and have decided that we're not going to pursue this feature. The archiving and un-archiving of projects influences recruiters' profile stats, and so for now we're protecting those stats but restricting who can influence them. If you have an archived project that you want re-opened, you can email the request to and we'll do it for you. It's worth noting that you can still access all of the information in an archive project, but you cannot add more billings. 

[Feature Request #2] Marketplace Broadcast Quota is met too quickly - This was something we've discussed with many of our community members. Beginning this week, we limit the proportion of new Loopers who are able to respond to our open ended marketplace opportunity briefs. This means that there will always be 2-3 response slots reserved for those Loopers who attend Q&As, complete mentorship, and/or who have worked with our clients in the past.

Bug Fixes

Our recruiters' extra time for the bug board means that a lot of old-ish bugs have been put to rest. Check the list to find yours:

[Fix #1] Missing help icon on the lower right portion of the recruiter portal - This impacted one recruiter that we know of, and has now been fixed. The fix is a manual individual effort by our developers. If you have this same issue, please let and we'll get it fixed for you.

[Fix #2] Post payment survey sent multiple times - This bug was reported 1 customer, and was experienced by 5 clients. For a 2 hour window, a client received an email invitation to complete a recruiter feedback survey each time that they downloaded their invoice. This was quickly fixed, and will not re-occur. 

Fixes & Features in Progress

[#1] Secondary messages from recruiters should have a different template - We're working on improving the appearance of our messaging notifications to clients so that we can help them understand how and when to take action

If you find or experience any issues that aren't listed here, please let us know!

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