How to add specialties to your recruiter profile

Why is this part of your profile very important??

We match opportunities based on your location, serviced areas, availability and of course specialty areas. The more areas you cover and the more unique keywords you use to elaborate on those niche, the more chances of receiving project broadcasts you can respond to. The concept is basically similar to how google finds search results.

To add your specialty areas or strong points in recruiting, please read on...

How to add specialties to your profile

Step 1: After logging in, click on your name found on the upper right hand of the page and select ‘My Profile'.  By default, it will direct you to the ‘About you’ page, just click on Specialty areas. These areas are targeted and niche-specific.

Step 2: Tick the checkbox of your niche/specialty and write as much details on the provided fields as shown below. For example, if you’re a marketing recruiter, make sure you choose “Marketing” and give some information on your experience with Marketing roles. Next, list marketing roles you’ve filled, and the related companies that you’ve worked with.

What should I write on these fields?

Your sales pitch should be catchy and give clients an easy recall. You are trying to paint a picture to someone telling how you can help them out with their hiring requirements. 

You can include names of companies and type of roles on the List fields to give your profile credibility and more specific examples of your successful search in the past.

Step 3: At the end, you will be asked to assign an “importance factor” to each specialty. This helps us understand the areas in which you are most specialized.

For example, you may be a Marketing expert who also works on HR and Operations roles. Distribute weights accordingly (for example: 70%-15%-15%). Make sure that your percentage weightings total 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Can I add a specialty I have no experience with in the past

A: Technically, you can. However, it would be very difficult to convince clients without examples of roles you've dealt with in the past and client list.

Q: Can I still modify what I've written after saving everything?

A: Yes, if you hover your mouse to the specific specialty/niche you would see the 'Edit' button. Just please make sure to click on SAVE everytime edit/change anything.

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