Loud Crackling Noise Before Starting To Record / Recording Too Noisy

If you are experiencing this problem, you may want to go through the items below.

For Mac Users

Step 1

It appears that the ambient noise reduction feature is designed to remove the background noise that the microphone would otherwise pick up. It should make a difference in any app in which you use the microphone, making your voice clearer while diminishing unwanted noises. You'll find this setting on your Mac in the Sound System Preferences panel. You should tick the checkbox next to it and it looks like this:

For Windows Users

Step 1

If you are using a plug-in microphone or headset, it would be best to check if the fault is with the mic/headset. You can try to record using a built in mic and see the comparison.  

Step 2

If you don't have a built-in mic, you can do a test call through Skype. If the problem exists on Skype and other audio recording applications, the fault is on your mic. You may also want to check the stability of your internet connection.

Step 3

You can also download free noise reduction plugins that would suit your current system

If the above steps would not work, you may uninstall your Adobe Flash Player and revert back to an older version as the latest one would usually still have bugs. The procedure can be found at the link below.


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