I Received Notice of a Client Lead, But My Dashboard is Empty!

When RecruitLoop shares a client lead with our marketplace of recruiters, there is a limit to the number of recruiters who can respond. As soon as the maximum numbers of responses has been received, the brief will be removed from your Proposal Dashboard.

Each time we send you a client lead, you'll receive an email that lets you know how many recruiters are able to respond:

If you've received an email notification about a potential client enquiry, but you don't see that enquiry on your dashboard, this means that the response limit has been reached, and you're no longer eligible to respond. 

Priority is sometimes given to recruiters who attend our  Q&A events, or participate in the RecruitMentor program. If you're new to RecruitLoop, and you're keen to meet clients, we suggest you sign up for both!

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