How to add education to your recruiter profile

Some of you may have leave this portion blank when you first joined RecruitLoop because of too much excitement!

Let me take you back and help you on how to add your educational qualifications just in case you want to add more colors to your profile.

How to add education to your recruiter profile?

Step 1:  

After logging in, click on your name found on the upper right hand of the page and select 'My Profile'. By default, it will direct you to the 'About you' page.

Step 2:  

Click on 'Qualification' on the right side of the page. If you've ticked the "I have no qualifications box", please uncheck the box and let's proceed.

Step 3:  

Add details to the Qualification fields and then click the blue 'Add' button. You may add as many qualifications you may have. 

Hint: Add the earliest educational attainment that you have so the most recent one will appear on top of the list. 

Step 4: 

Click the green 'Save' button on the upper right hand side.


1. I entered my education/qualification and clicked save, but it didn't work!

Answer: After entering all your details, you must click the blue 'Add' button, and then click Save.

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