Q&A - VideoMyJob Recruiter Demo

VideoMyJob Recruiter Demo

VideoMyJob is an Australian company that was recently in San Francisco. 

While they were here, they dropped by the RecruitLoop office to connect with some fellow Aussies and do a demo

of their product.

We've already had a few Loopers sign up which is great.

Remember that all verified recruiters are being offered the following:

  • 4-week FREE trial commencing Monday April 4th with no obligation to proceed 
  • Full set up
  • Access to the VideoMyJob App 
  • Your first three videos critiqued by the VideoMyJob Customer Success Team 
  • Access to video training tutorials 
  • FREE delivery of the hardware including stand (think tripod and selfie-stick combo), light and microphone. 

This will all make sense once you watch the demo video.

There are only 2 conditions:

  1. You must register your interest and submit your details by Friday April 1st so that your user name and password can be set up 
  2. The hardware must be returned if you don't proceed beyond the four week FREE trial period

If you are interested in taking up the free trial, please respond directly to Heather/Paul with the following information

and we'll sort everything else out for you.

  • Confirmation that you are happy for VideoMyJob to use your LinkedIn photo
  • Your address so they can arrange shipping of the hardware.

Your VideoMyJob account will be linked directly to your RecruitLoop email address so they can ensure you are

not charged for anything.

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